Confusion Zero-DOGWOOD

I can’t explain it. You can’t contain it. Hope it takes you quick. Tried on your own. Your future’s alone. Why can’t you see the mess you’re in. The story is old. The ending is bleak. Your body is strong and your mind is so weak. You think that you’ll last. I give you a week. Although this is sad, Your problems not unique. The choice now is yours. We set it before. How much do you have to lose? They’ve got you by the neck. Your life now in check. It’s too late to turn back now. Just another stat. Just another name. Just another face and another shamed. They heard you cry but nobody came. Tell me who’s to blame? And something that’s out there is tearing my soul. I tried to defeat it, it swallowed me whole. Now I can tell you that something is wrong. You won’t believe ’til you follow along. You’ll find yourself when you truly believe. Open your eyes and let your heart recieve [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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