Cruciality-POOR OLD LU

Inside my selfish thinking In the middle I’m always sinking I am so far down I can’t escape But all around the trees are falling Too much sunshine comes in And so I wait another day What is brightest in my life? And what will I receive (tomorrow)? If I’m Spirit filled will I be so content (so content with sorrow)? Crucial is my mind on Christ So much He had to (He had to die) Buildings empty, standing tall Precious people breathe and fall What will you have when all is thru? Or maybe then I save the sea For other people after me Instead I am never living now Turn my eyes and to the stars Is there life so very far? Or better is there any very near It is this so understand me Christ gave so we can be free And will I wait another day Is this love? Is this life? This world’s already gone This world needs the Son But we have so many things to do? And so enough of flower power Step on ways that make us sour We cannot wait another day [[Category:Poor Old Lu]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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