Dancing In Concert With The Infinite-DIG HAY ZOOSE

Upon a mountain, scaled by the praises we sing, Worship in you, God, grace that transcends everything. Song turns to laughter and joyful the spirit you give, Strengthen our footsteps ‘til with you in Heaven we live. In your name, (we sing to you) Over and over, and over, and over again, (in your name we rejoice) Love spills from our tongues as we lift you above all else. Praise to you, Praise…praise to you. Why look for the living in this place of the dead? He is risen. I stand facing the east and wait for the sun to rise, Hands at my side, my eyes out to the great big sky. Once again, the Spirit is moving out over the water, I raise my hands to the sky and fall, You will catch me, yeah. Praise to you, Oh, praise…praise to you. I want to thank you for your Son you willingly gave, He is alive now, bringing me out of my grave, Love now is true life dwelling in you, free from all sin, This day that I die, living for you will begin. [[Category:Dig hay Zoose]]

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