Death by Inches-KEN TAMPLIN

One foot on the earth, the other in the grave You know John Barley Corn is trying to make you his slave With his broken homes, and broken dreams Just a token left of the soul it seems He’s a life taker, and a widow maker And he’s comin’ at you with an evil kiss His madness is talking, his hellhounds are knockin’ They got ‘cha tight rope walking on the edge of the abyss Death By Inches, His Shadow Creeps Glazed With Madness, His Black Sun Never Sleeps Are You Slippin Away, Slippin Away, Are You Slippin Away? Burnin’ down the house we’ve made, Before you know it, it’s gone up in flames Young and old it knows no blame When Johnny’s in town it’s a killing game Rich or poor it’s all the same Again there stands a ghost of a once great name Devouring time with lives to maim When Johnny’s around it’s a killing game The party’s over on these mean streets When that bottled lightnin’ has got you beat Your blood runs cold from its angry sting Now you’re just a mere shadow of the living Bound hand and foot by these chains of the mind Like a needle in a haystack, you’re searchin’ for pride It’s never enough, you know it ain’t no joke Has Johnny got you by the throat? [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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