Death Is The Beginning-MORTAL TREASON

I love You You’re my all I will bow down before You You’re my God My everything When I fall You pick me up You’ve always been there You always will I spit in Your face, You wash my feet I drive nails into Your hands Broken is Your heart because You’re pushed away Can’t we understand? Broken is the groom who mourns for his dying bride, for their eyes to open once again I want to see You in my life I want to know You’re in my heart I want to touch You and be free I want to fell You Open my eyes let me see what You see and what You feel Break my heart; make me desire more of You in my life Let me know what it means to leave this world behind Christ forgive me for running from You I will give You all my life Take it away now Take this broken man Take this tired spirit and renew me now Renew me Jesus, I love You You are my true love Let my tears clean Your feet and heal Your broken heart Here’s my life Here’s my heart Take it away with You Take it away "A straight forward praise to our Creator for all He is." [[Category:MORTAL_TREASON]]

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