You know it started in the garden when we walked way from Gods plan. We gave away dominion, placed it in the devils hands and Jesus took it back. Now we gain it all because He died. Name of names, God of gods, Jesus crucified. Generation calling out, do you want to know? We have a love eternal, peace, a holy king, and so we sing. Is there a love like this great love that we know? Is there a God like the great God above? No! Who sacrificed all His freedom, and the life of his Son? No! Will you bow your knee to idolatry just cause trouble comes? No! Now I can feel you in existence as you teach me from your word of truth. I’ve been making evil plans with idle hands, you come and you renew my youth. I’m like an eagle, Lord. I can feel it now but I can’t understand. Spirit Light Father Life, come and take my hand. I can feel it in the air I breathe. Powerful to know there’s one life, one truth, one way. I can never let you go. So to the earth and its deception, to the panic in the heart of man, to the choices made in Eden and to the ones who rule under that plan – We’re here to take it back we will welcome heavens ruler, as we sing out to the broken souls. Oh, would you be the true rebellion? Come meet the kingdom chorus and finally say No! [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]] [[Category:Christian_Metal]]

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