Doesn’t This Remind You Of Me-DOGWOOD

[Chorus 1:] I have my fears, I have my doubts, I fell in, God pulled me out, Publicaly I stand alone, I’m a vessel of honor, Yet sin-prone, My head hangs low, He lifts me up, Life’s so long, Deaths so adrupt. That’s a lie though, ’cause always there for me… Where-ever I go! Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-ah! [Chorus 2:] Forgiveness, not something to take advantage of. Impureness, what I am the essence of it. Not sin free, but thats what I’m supposed to be. Imperfect, the way I live surely proves it to you. [Chorus 1] [Chorus 2] Feels like I live in slow motion, Everyday’s a wave, my life’s an ocean, A piece of floatsom flowin’ with the tide, Can withstand any storm with God on it’s side [Chorus 2] [[Category:Christian_Punk]] [[Category:Dogwood]]

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