Don’t Drop Dead, Juliet-CAPITAL LIGHTS

On an empty stomach again, hard to eat with no appetite Well I’ve never been one to spill my guts so, I got a lot bottled inside Behind this face is a wasted space, wanna kiss this brain goodbye So, I’m pretty eager to share my thoughts, let me give you a piece of my mind There’s a jungle in my head I admit that I’m scared, scared to commit But if it’s love you seek, don’t give up on me just yet Don’t drop dead Juliet, keep a stiff upper lip Blow a kiss so hard it awakens love in the soul of this heartbreak kid Stand still Juliet, no one’s fairer than I When you fell for me you swore it’d be for life Well I’m not dead yet, Juliet In my eyes the big picture is vague, I narrow sighted and colorblind You differentiate distinctions like night and day when you see in only black and white But there’s a hazy gray area in every situation that to me never quite stands out So, if I tell you that we’re over and I’m acting off-color, give me the benefit of a doubt There’s an ocean in my head Your devotion’s in the air, I’m holding my breath If I start to drown in my emotions, don’t abandon ship I beg don’t be farewell; I’ll come alive For the long haul, wait it out; I’ll come alive I was playing dead but now, as this numb heart learns to feel And I break free from my shell, I come alive [[Category:Capital Lights]]

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