Dream Away-PAX 217

It’s gonna get better. I hope this letter is a hope for you. It don’t, it don’t, it don’t matter where you come from. ‘Cause we all we all we all will find the same pain. So what I say to you is; don’t fight this war no more. Just let the Healer, let the Healer be your healing. It’s better for you to lift your head than take the worry to bed. So rest assured and dream away. For tomorrow when you wake. What you had asked for, is what you’re getting today. So dream away. It don’t, it don’t, it don’t, it don’t matter who did this to you. ‘Cause he will he will he will be dealt with, too. So all you got to do is put your weapon down. Put down your weapon. And let the wreaking ball do His wreaking. Rest assured and dream away. Don’t fight this war no more. So dream away, dream away. It’s gonna get better. So lift your head up high. [[Category:PAX_217]]

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