There’s a sea of lonely swimming sad Looking just for an arm to grab I don’t need to understand I’m just lending you the two that I have You might be drifting Can’t find the shore So hopeless and all alone The waves are crashing all around you Just when you’ve lost the will to live You see the sun Can we make a searchlight From all the bridges that we burn? Do you see a rescue Or a deeper kind of hurt? Who could love you? Who could hold you? I’d swim across the sea You don’t have to be alone Where the shallow gets so deep I am hurt and nearly drown Open up your eyes I cry for help, You turn around Open up your eyes Farther from the shore Or you’ll be farther from the shore I am hurt and nearly drown You’re not alone I cry for help, You turn around I’m not letting go Farther from the shore So you’re not farther from the shore [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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