Another case of I wish I wouldn’t have; Another promise not to let Him down again. Fighting battles in a war I thought was over; The old man of sin died a long time ago,
But left behind a sinful nature deep within,
So if I want to win this fight,
There’s a part of me that must die,
But I’m not gonna cry. [Chorus] ‘Cause I’m dying to live,
Live for Jesus. Dying to give myself to Him,
And the life that He gives will be mine If I am dying to live. Dying to live,
Live for Jesus. I want to give myself to Him; Gonna give up – from now on I’m dying to live. Giving up what I can’t keep anyway,
To gain something that I know I’ll never lose,
Trading in the temporary for the eternal,
And though it’s settled,
I’m reminded everyday; To live or die to self – it’s up to me to choose,
So if I want to win the fight there’s a part of me That must die. Well I’ve said my goodbyes. [Chorus]
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