[feat. Ryan Kirby] Fools how the prideful have fallen Fallen from their mighty thrones They build their kingdoms up just to watch them fall Now we will inherit the earth I like how you think you got one on me it makes me sick But when pride comes Then disgrace comes You’re no better than me Pride comes before destruction Pride comes before the fall But with a humble heart and humility The meek shall inherit the earth Stepping on your petty ways, You are not someone I will obey We refuse to feed your growing ego It’s time we cut you down to size once and for all Consider this a warning for those who would think they were better than me So keep your mouth shut and think before you speak You will never be the one to tell me what to do or say Put aside your pride and show me who you really are I will tear away at the person that you built yourself up to be You’re no better than me How the prideful have fallen [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:Those Who Fear]]

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