In the midst of this crushing pain, when it’s too dark to see. Can your hand reach down to this pit I’ve made? Can you save me? When I realize the life you gave, bringing me to the light, like the scales have finally dropped from my eyes. You restored my sight. Now I can find. We are chosen, we are called. We belong to the kingdom. Now I can’t make a pact with this empty world, and I refuse to play nice. Your bloods been dripping into my eyes, and you paid my price. I saw the One seated on the throne, crystal clear as the sea. And He beckoned "Come up here, my child". I could feel him breathe. And the angels sing: "Holy, holy, holy God. Do you see him? Do you know? Come up here, we will show you your God in heaven seated on our praises, exalted by the sound of our hearts lifted. Banner waiving. All is love. He is love." [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]]

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