Take your Toyota to the outer side of consciousness, where the rings of Saturn mock the wisdom of men. There’s a road that converges at a point, and that point is the enlightenment, Reality is out of joint. Oh. God mocks the wisdom of men, describes the world as folly of fools, Your on the road to the cosmic consciousness, You don’t have a map, and the Buddha just laughs. In your trance, you drive to the other side, You’re on the road to the global oneness, but everything look strange, But everything looks so strange, You get out your map, but it’s just a blank page…and you don’t feel so well, And the signpost up ahead says… The signpost up ahead says… And the signpost up ahead says, "Hell." Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man can come to God but by me." [[Category:Dig hay Zoose]]

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