They try to silence my voice, they try to hold me down. But I’m still screaming out “You better pray”. They call me fanatic cause I can stand on my own. I speak revivalist. I got this fire shut up in my bones. They call me fanatic. And all the church doors they stay closed because I testify. They preach sermons but still don’t know. The fanatical forerunner. I prepare the way. I speak a message of truth. Take heed – I mean what I say. You better pray. So hide yourself in the darkness. Keep your prayers to yourselves, because any fool can pray just to get recognized by someone else. The secret life of fanatics, they can stand on their own because they recognize the church doors stay closed. We pray with our eyes open to see the victims of injustice. I’m not just one man – All heaven stands with me. I’ve got a message for the world: It’s not just us, you better pray. [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]]

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