It’s a brand new day and the sun is shining bright; Looks like it’s gonna be the very best day of my life. So I jump out of bed into a world of opportunities; I gotta get movin’,
no time to get down on my knees. Then the telephone rings; It’s the voice of tragedy. No I suddenly find The time to get down on my knees. [Chorus] I say,
"I love You",
I always look to You when trouble calls my name; But if I’m gonna say,
"I love You",
I’ve gotta be faithful too . The true test of my love will be Did I follow you consistently,
Through the good and bad; I want to be faithful too. Talk is cheap; Some words come a dozen for a dime. But a real life conversation Will take some precious time,
And if I give my all,
Lord that’s the least that I can do,
Compared to all the faithfulness I have found in You. So if tragedy calls,
Or if everything goes my way,
I want to be found Faithful to you every day. [Chorus]
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