All I know, all I have is what’s been given to me. What I know is real is all I can dream. I feel my heard is changing. The one and only thing I know is "we ain’t going nowhere". (500 thousand!) Be it sometimes I might, yeah, I put up a fight. Gutta get this off my chest tonight. All my thoughts are rearranging. And what I really want to know is are we going nowhere? (500 thousand!) All eyes peer, looking from the outside. You don’t understand what you see in me. I come running out on your playgound. Sometimes things are the way they’re not meant to be. You stare at me and all these things are coming down. I’m not sure you’re giving me the run around. Could it be that you don’t know me? It’s all the way that you shun me. [CHORUS 2X] (Sometimes things are the way they’re meant to be out on your playground.) [[Category:Christian_Punk]] [[Category:Plankeye]]

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