Fallen sons don’t believe the glow is lost Slipped away into outer darkness Shadow fell while the sleep had you close your eyes To the will of this adversary Live this life for your self, turn it over to sin Never weigh the cost It will only help to refrain Reject the thoughts of a peace Of a compromise Torn between so don’t mourn for this life Own all that is free to accept the cost the will made is the bind that seals us Self destruct when the poisoned mind can not think soon to realize who was the cause of all our pain Strength wont hold out for long Every ten out of ten that grips to his life loses it in the end Strength wont hold out for long Every town out of ten Break the crutch that cripples, not the edge Crush the lies and deceit, turn from he who maims To deny rebirth suffocate the flame, broken promises made to revel ones trust Abused freedoms the slaves of our own lust Hard way down is the path when the pride we appease doom is on the rise Doom will smash the pride to regain self destruction at hand, poisoned minds can not Think don’t believe for one moment you won’t fail Destroy yourself Fallen sons don’t believe that the glow is lost Destroy your self Don’t believe don’t believe that the glow is lost As we destroy ourselves… [[Category:XDEATHSTARX]]

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