Falling Away From Reality-SEVENTH ANGEL

[INTRO:] I’m still living, life goes on But with you its no longer impossible Through the tragedy, alone so long I had given up on everything possible [BRIDGE:] Falling deeper into depression I needed death, I’d thought it through Constant failure, endless pressure One last chant, I take in you I fell to my knees in despair, please save me Lord Feeling weak, Feeling numb, thinking that the end had come Falling away from reality, giving way to insanity I fell at the foot of the cross, I saw your face Saw the blood, saw the pain, through you I would live again [CHORUS, BRIDGE;] I stood by the cold empty grave, and you were gone Alive again in flesh and blood, in my mind I understood Returning once more to reality, released from fear [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:Seventh Angel]]

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