Family Values-DOGWOOD

When we were kids, we were told to respect our elders and what they did, only speak when spoken to. When she was stripped, of the trust bestowed to us by the one she loves, she didn’t know she could run to you. It’s a sad time we live in, little girls grow up scared of their dads, it’s a feeling they should never have. What kind of person can do this? How worthless is the word innocence, to her dear old loving dad? Now her mom sits, wondering why her baby goes through these fits, of anger, torment, and of rage. Oh please dear God, pick up this small beauty and show her you and all the wonders you can do. He showed her exactly how to hate. Him a full grown man, she was only eight. He stole what was most precious to her. Nothing was more sacred, and cannot be returned [[Category:Dogwood]]

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