Father To The Fatherless-SLEEPING GIANT

I take a second to look at my newborn son’s face. It takes less than a moment to know I would die in my son’s place. So God, why did you give up your Son? Sons need fathers. So me and my best friend have sons – Same year, tight life. And we want them to have faith, hope, love, living the right life. And I know I would die before I give up my son. Our sons need father. Father to the fatherless. Son of my vows, son of my strength, son in the faith. Follow the path of the cross. Sons need fathers. Every curse of the fathers – Washed in His blood, healed by His pain. Jesus, I know you know how we feel, as you watched your Father. As He turned His face away so we would feel that way again. And I would never turn away. That would cause my one and only son too much pain. For the only begotten. [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]]

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