Fellow Traveler GINNY OWENS

You can’t change who I am Or the way that i think I won’t change how you live Or the words that you speak But neither of us is a stranger to joy or pain No matter how we’re different We’re very much the same Chorus: Fellow traveler let me take you to a place where Ive found rest Fellow seeker let me show you where I’ve found true happiness Fellow beggar I have good news,
I know where there is bread (I’ll show you where there’s bread) I don’t know where you’ve come from Or where you’ve been along your way But I can tell you what I’ve lived through And how I made it here today Let me share with you the story of hope I’ve come to know A love that’s always for me And a peace that frees my soul Chorus: So if you are hungry come to the table with me And you won’t go hungry ever again

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