We’re the hated ones That take a stand in life Against the forces of evil That claim to have rights Of the souls of our families Friends and ouur foes Fighting for true freedom But nobody knows Call us pathetic Call us all cracked Bring your brass knuckles and Your baseball bats Something’s in the air tonight I feel it in my bones And when it reigns down Everybody will know Better knuckle up, it’s about time Bring your noise cause I’m bringin’ mine I’ll go down swinging every time For the fight of my life The lines have been drawn It’s time to take a side For the one who prevails Or the one who tells lies The onslaught is ruthless Conflicts run deep We’re all fighting battles So please God help me I’m ready for action I’m ready to attack If someone goes down I’ll take up their slack We strike like lighting with a nuclear blast And when the smoke clears Then we’ll see who stands [[Category:The Insyderz]]

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