All my worries and regret come pouring down. (yeah, they’re pouring down!) Insanity is breaking me, my emotions, have no control. Rape me of my pride, take away from me, what I want, My desires magnified, lessened by the thoughts of regret, Self-contained, confess my wrongs to only you, I should run. Don’t believe the shallow words, I’ve made in haste, no apologies, Pseudolanguage, overwhelming, full of crap, what a farce, Taken from my comfort zone and dragged around through my muddy head, Stuck between myself and life, my cowardice is showing forth. Shackled under guilt, driven to an end, dig my grave, Sheltered from my storm, Am I safe at home? Leave me alone. Deep within my soul, the underlying truth, let it go. Rape me of my pride and take away from me, my desires magnified, Lessened by the thoughts, of my self contained, confess my wrongs to only you. Cause I’m shackled under guilt, the underlying truth, let it go [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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