== VERSE 1 ==

Never was the world in such a need of peace And never has contentment been so hard to find So many men reaching out their hands Our brothers and sisters in so many lands If ever kindness was needed Then it’s crying out to us "the time is now!"
== CHORUS ==

I want the peace I want the love For all the world All the world People of joy with children of hope For all the world Father of light I’ll be a light that You shine through You are the peace You are the hope For all the world
== VERSE 2 ==

What’s it gonna take before we show some charity? Compassion and mercy,
the way it’s meant to be Now tell me who Who’ll take the time for the ones who truly need And pray for a nation That’s out on the street What man is greater than his brother When in Jesus’ eyes we’re all the same?
== BRIDGE ==

Learn a song of freedom And teach it to our children Let the pipes of peace ring out And pray the grace of God will lead the way You are the peace And You are the joy You are the love And You are the hope For all the world

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