Forgive And Forget-THE INSYDERZ

It was a cold October day I wish it didn’t have to be this way You told me that you’d be home soon You never came back What was I supposed to do Hey Pop if you hear this song I did what you told me And always stayed strong But I admit I can’t keep this up I try not to be, try not to be Down on my luck What’s done is done and let’s move on Forgive and forget is what I’ve been taught I still love you with all of my heart I’m not a genius and I’m not all that smart But one thing I know and it’s crystal clear Is I love you Dad and I want you here The times change and so do we I still hope that you remember me Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna cry Sometimes I feel like I am all tore up inside I did what I could and do what I can I still want to be your "little man" I’m not as afraid of the claw anymore If you come back dad I’ll sleep on the floor You’re still my best friend I ever had Forget the past just be my dad [[Category:The Insyderz]]

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