Stand up, look around and tell me Tell me just what do you see Round them up, shake them up, we gotta face up It’s much later than you think Can you hear it, that it’s near, do you feel it Can you smell the great taste of fear do we wait, until it’s too late Or make our voices heard (Chorus) Freedom we shout, freedom no doubt Is life and liberty Freedom must stand, in every land Around this world we sing Ready now, the sirens are blowing Are we doing to face this beast The time is now, yeah and how We should be knowing that It’s time to take it to the streets come on now, move it out Are we showing that We’ll stand together in freedom’s praise Hear the sound coming ’round before it’s too late Its anthrms we raise It’s getting closer Even as we sing If we don’t stand for something We’ll fall for everything (Chorus) [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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