From the Beginning-DELIVERANCE

The brooding darkness enveloped in the sky The Spirit moved on the water still Black lay upon the face of the deep Shaping of the hemispheres formed by the will A blowing in the air, new thought engaged Speak to the nothings, and light filled the world The Age of Auer, and the age of thought The dust sprang forth the man Perfection embodied, in the image he was made And all was given in his hand Do we want our eyes again to see? Why is it in these chains I feel free? My tears are falling like rain from the sky Let no strain come nigh Beguiled by the snake, man lost his sight There was no one left to blame The veil was raised and the cord now severed The beauty now became their shame The Ani looked and saw that it was good Perfection embodied and the plan understood Sacrifice to save mankind from themselves Brought back to YHWH to rid them from this hell [Ani–Hebrew for "I AM"] [Auer–Hebrew for "Light"] [[Category:Deliverance]] [[Category:Christian_Thrash_metal]]

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