Deep inside your life, there is a void to fill with what you cannot find. Lonliness finds you, you find there is a need, there is a need to kill. But who’s life is at stake here now, when did your own life become such a threat to you, you lookd around, is there nothing left, nothing left for you to do. Is this the end of you string? You find a welcome mat of death’s sting. Sorrow. Pain. Coming closer to the end of your game, and no one seems to care. Need something new, a breath of fresh air. Done it all, nothing left to try. It’s time to see your life is a lie. Lie. It’s time to change your life. And a new gift has been offered to you. A gift of peace, a gift of new life. And new doors have been opened for you. Jesus is waiting there to see you through. The one who does give more than anything this world could give. The one who does give more than any lifestyle you could live. Anything this world could offer you, anything this world could ever give.

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