I will bleed for the one who gave everything for me Watch and wait Read up! You’re going to die for that man whose blood is on my hands So fess up his name And be bled dry You can see the new generation of gang signs Beware of simple flattery They’ll hand you over in chains Those who serve and protect just protecting their own best interest As they serve you up to the flames But I’ve got one eye to the Sky I see just one man in the distance So step up and feel my resistance Even if we all die Time is on my side I laugh inside as they fight him Prepare to run I can’t spell it out plainly Aww, you’re befriending the system And you’re gonna get paid And love grows cold as the sick ones hate you Never realizing they’re the ones getting played read the signs of the end of this age As man makes plans The flood comes quickly Our history’s bathed in blood but lets become the copycat culture war As this Sunday school mind takes the place of the kingdom And I’m done with this abomination Desolation Vultures, vultures circling And the world will morn as we flee I see its over Time is on my side [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]] [[Category:Christian_Metal]]

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