this joy i hold, do i deserve it? is this pain she wears a punishment? long life of the wicked, irony of it all why did you close your ears to their helpless call? life is more than retribution though absolutely there is right and wrong i leap the fence of law and reason only shadows all along (chorus) mercy triumphs over judgement we talk more than we do once my faith was illusion now it’s just in you it all breaks down when we break with you the death of God is my minds death too cruelty is just an empty word if good is just a point of view if nothing’s truly evil, then what can’t they do to you (chorus) racked in pain beyond her years, innocent as she can be would my ranting ease her pain? who can a cynic free? i have no answers for this child, though that you always knew the only questions really asked, what now will i do? (chorus) [[Category:Crashdog]]

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