Good Ol’ Daze-DOGWOOD

Are you sick? Or are you lonely? Why don’t you believe That my God owns me? I don’t need to have a drink, Of you thirst quenching idol. To make you think. I’m cool like your new friends, You know where I stand, And that’s my God’s side, From His eyes you can’t hide, He doesn’t care that you’ve lied. Don’t take too long to decide, Take a leap of faith and swallow your pride. He will still love you, After all you’ve done, Holy Spirit chasing you and You’ve got nowhere to run I’d like to see, You in heaven with me. It’s up to you where forever will be. Jump back into the arms of our maker. He doesn’t judge like your drinking buddies. I think you’re afraid of what the "cool people" will say, Wake up and live your days the right way. At the rate you’re going you won’t be here long. Everybody says what you do is wrong, You have to choose for yourself this day who you’ll serve, Our God is heaven of the God of this earth? [[Category:Dogwood]]

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