G-O-T-T-O-B-T-R-U Well normally at this point you’d hear me sing And I’d be doing that acoustic guitar thing So by now you’re probably wondering what’s going on ‘Cause this is really starting to sound like one of those rap songs Well let me tell you what the boy’s up to You see I like rap music and the beat box groove And sometimes I gotta admit I close all the doors And wave my arms around and I pace the floor But then I crack up laughing,
I gotta stop And just face the facts the boy don’t hip hop You see I grew up in a state where the grass is blue So if it’s gonna be believable it’s got to b tru [Chorus] It’s got to b tru I’ve gotta be living what I say I believe It’s got to b tru even when nobody but Jesus is watching me It’s got to b tru every single minute of every day If anybody’s ever gonna look at me and say hey it’s got to b tru You hear me saying that it’s got to b tru And no my homeboy Toby wants to talk to you Tru check it out I got a next door neighbor And I can tell he’s been watching my behavior Yo he’s heard that I’m a Christian guy He wants to know if that’s the truth or a lie He’s got a list of reasons not to believe Like doubt,
hypocrisy It’s gonna take some living proof to break through those walls Yea,
it’s got to b tru if he’ll believe at all [Chorus] G-O-T-T-O-B-T-R-U
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