Headscrew-Argyle Park

Merciful and merciless, Victim Sound mind and insane are rearranged To fit the mold, a truth untold Resisting, persisting, unspoken and held within Liar refractor With my soul at rest I will no longer grieve Of childhood memories and thoughts of the past For a new path now stands before me And I will carry this burden though Knowing how to carry it is foreign to this child’s mind. So with no direction, I begin this long nights journey And pray that I survive this life without any harm. Violation is universal perversion is a common thing Deception can be found in light and dark place The heart is wicked desperately The closest friend can be the darkest enemy Unguarded hearts over powered Remember the devil is a stalking lion To you he may devour Samples: ‘Keep Moving’ -Escape From New York ‘It wasn’t supposed to be real! Real, unreal whats the difference? There’s a difference o.k. There’s a big difference!’ -Brainscan ‘It doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t have to make sense!’-Brainscan [[Category:Argyl Park]]

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