Heart and Soul-KEN TAMPLIN

Out of sight they say out of mind Your dirty deeds and your greedy ways Will pay the piper in due time You’re rappin’ like a six gun shooter with a cartridge full of lies If only you knew who’s hurtin’ who And could read between the lines Heart and soul You’re tearin’ it out yeah well Don’t you know You got my heart and my soul you know again It ain’t a game a life that’s such a waste And oh I know it’s a cryin’ shame Can’t see our nose despite our face Won’t hear what I’m sayin’ ‘Fore it’s too far gone look away and I’ll dust my feet Yeah I must be movin’ on You keep runnin’ until there’s nothin’and nowhere left to go You try to hide but deep inside you know Well there’s a place that it’s time to face That you know one’s the other the other side So raise your hands up to the sky [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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