Hoity Toity-FLATFOOT 56

If reality was an ocean you’re a puddle If it was all about your clothes then you’ll be king But you gotta understand there is a struggle between doing what you want And doing your own thing (Chorus) Carry on your fake parade on your road of masquerade Ride the waves of vanity off the shores of sanity Curse your man upon the sea Waste your life of victory Your land your act your show it burns As your lonely world it turns Life’s not an act you only get one chance And it’s too short to sit and watch you dance There’s hope for you, you just gotta know What’s deep inside and written on your soul So get real and show who you are Just listen darling dear and you’ll go far Tune your ear and listen to what I say There’s hope for you if you turn the other way (Bridge) Wake up its more than what you see Wake up stop your vanity Wake up you’re reaping what you sow Wake up you’re fake and we all know [[Category:Flatfoot 56]]

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