I Can’t Find It in My Heart-THE LEAD

I know it’s like this everywhere But I can’t help it I’ve got to care If only cause it’s hit me in the face Lost a few notches in the spiritual rat race Seems some church brothers lied about me Word’s gotten around what could they think of me? chorus: I can’t find it in my heart To forget to forgive how shall I then live? I’m not in love I just made a friend Nothing’s going on we both understand But righteous anger has turned to rage And rebuke has turned into a war waged Youth group and service all eyes are on me And I’m getting getting getting getting angry repeat chorus And so I suffer and I suffer . . . I know it’s pride I keep hanging onto God will strike me my grip will soften I’ll beak down and forgive any day But when they say hello, I’ll probably still look away [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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