Sitting in a traffic jam 11:52 p.m. Just a few miles south of Cincinnati Ohio I take my pen and start to write The thoughts that fill my head tonight Nothing terribly profound Just these simple words That keep my heart anchored down That keep my restless heart anchored down [Chorus] I do,
I do,
I do,
I do believe I know,
I know,
I know,
I know it’s true,
yeah I do,
I do,
I do,
I do believe Lord,
I believe in You I believe in You Now these can be confusing times The skeptics posing as the wise It’s hard to see the light Through all the shadows of the doubt But You keep saying all the while It takes the vision of a child Looking through the eyes of faith to see reality So once again I will say I believe You’re the life You’re the truth,
You’re the way [Chorus] If this faith in You is blind It’s not to anything that’s true ‘Cause Your love opens up my eyes To see that everything I need Is found when I believe in You,
yeah [Chorus]
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