Some people hear my words And think I’m wise beyond my years,
And others wonder if I am sincere Some would say I’m foolish To put my faith in You,
And some would say I’m wise because I do As I consider all of this,
All that really matters is I know,
I know who You are,
By the way You make the wind blow,
And the way You stir my heart,
And I have only made it through so far,
‘Cause I know,
I know who You are. Some say You are the only truth,
And some say You’re a fraud,
Some think we invented You Some call you God Some say You were a noble man,
Very kind and good,
Some think You were a prophet just misunderstood But I’m content to always be,
A witness to your mystery And even though I’ve never seen Your face,
I have heard You calling out my name

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