If Pigs Could Fly-TOURNIQUET

[Words & Music: Ted Kirkpatrick] Why does God refuse to move [repeat 4x] If pigs could fly they’d fly away and never grace the earth again I wait and wait and wait and wait but nothing good happens for me I pray to fly but when I die my feet are still flat on the ground My brain is good, no legs of wood, but if you could, I think you should He ain’t standing in my way [repeat 4x] Cause I did nothin’ today Your ship has crashed no sign of shore – to sit in your lifeboat – you can do no more 5 days at sea starved to the core – lifeboat is leaking – a rip in the floor [Solo 1: Ted, Solo 2: Aaron] But wait – on the horizon – land – land hoe! Will you sit there and pray – or will you get up and row? The next time you are quick to say " I’m just waitin’ on the Lord" Just make sure hat you remember where we all have been before All things be come one… [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:TOURNIQUET]]

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