In Love With The Greenery-POOR OLD LU

You said, ‘I love the world’ ‘I love what you’ve done for me’ You let my grip go And played the piano keys Couldn’t even see Boxed in by a fantasy Scared of real love You’re dead by your destiny Now shuffling around Shaking like a tambourine Confused like the tide By every star you’ve seen You took on the world It took you by surprise Like the day you fell And tears fell from my eyes Standing so tall You said, ‘Yes I’ll salute you King’ Lost in a forest In love with the greenery Apart from the crowd Never caught looking Around for a scene Like loneliness you’re sinking I cried of your sin And every other thing That held you down Down so far from me Take diamonds right now But I promise eternity [[Category:Poor Old Lu]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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