Well you deserve only the best in me without you i’ve lost it all I know I’ve taken for granted all these years the things that seem so small and I’d give anything for one more, just one more try to notice the things I’m holding on to right now in my mind CHORUS cause I’m missing you tonight till I finally close my eyes I am caught up in this moment so caught up cause you’re right here by my side you always did bring out the best in me that part of me has died I know i couldn’t even live my life without you but I tried and to think that I’m all you wanted well you got all of me this time and I’m ready to give this one more chance as long as you’re willing to try CHORUS 2X so where do we go from here (when will I know) like tearing flesh still the scars remain the difference is so clear and I’m breaking my fall, when I’m risking it all and my options are few, when all I have is you and that’s all yeah I’m chasing the call but my patience is gone now all these memories are coming back to me CHORUS 2X [[Category:Since october]]

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