[Words and Music by Victor Macias] The fallacy impinging on mankind Prevalent throughout aeons Good and evil equally matched Sicker yet, that perniciousness will reign Satan, a dog on a leash Subject to the will and restrictions of the Father Incommensurate Lucifer, Mephistopheles, the Serpent, Belial Brought to life by the great I AM as an angel of light Pride, his downfall, cast down from Heaven Cursed to eat the dust of the earth The tempter was created by a God you deemed fictitious In a book that you call lies – make up your mind Prevaricator, larcenist, blinder of the world Deceiving fallen man into knowledge of the damned Obvious now, the notion absurd Incommensurate The leash is short but not for long Permanent incarceration imminent Agnus dei, the lamb Of God defeated sin and grave His death and resurrection His plan in sovereign grace Y el diablo que los enga?aba fu? lanzado al lago De fuego y azufre, donde tambi?n Est?n la bestia y el falso profeta Y all? ser?n atormentados d?a y noche Por los siglos de los siglos… [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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