Internal Pain-THE LEAD

Why do you doubt To know what God is all about You want to live your own way You say that "God is dead" to me I see right now that your spirit is hurting inside You spirit cries for something to relieve the pain You lack of faith in God is why your spirit is dead and weak The cries of help are getting to where you can’t sleep Let me tell you why Your spirit is hurting inside You life is full of hate You want to destroy what God creates You say there is no God you don’t believe in what you see Look at the birds in the sky and the fish in the sea The power of God is for real. Faith in Him will set you free It’s up to you if you want Him to free you of this internal pain Now my life is closing in I can’t believe the mess I’m in I scream for help God are You there I want to know why I’m here Please oh God help me now the walls of life are closing down The pain inside is killing me the fear inside is haunting me I put my faith in You now just take away this awful pound Now I see what drove me down the hate and sin that’s all around Clean my life take my sins Jesus Christ I ask you in Now I won’t go insane You’ve taken away this internal pain It is hope that builds the faith to strengthen our dreams Alone with God and His Word is the main thing for me Know His love and share His word is the Power we need You alone can’t save yourself from the evil we see Run the race to win the prize God will bless all your needs [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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