It’s Time To Rock (OK?)-THE WEDDING

We drive all day and drive all night; you’re a part of this fight. Don’t let that sleeping dog lie. Cause everywhere we go they want more than what the world can offer. Bring it back one more time. I can’t keep quiet the things that I gotta say. They bring them in on stretchers and when they leave they’re walking out. That’s what our God’s about. Here we go, are you ready? We’re making strides we’re doing fine, we’re just starting to climb. You better get yourself in line. Cause we don’t have time we’re moving forward and we’ll never stop. So make up your mind you’re either with us son or you’re not. I can’t keep quiet the things that I gotta say. Move over. Move over; cause you’re starting to drag me down. And I won’t let anything stop me now. Take your place here with me. You know me there is nothing that I won’t do. [[Category:The Wedding]]

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