I’ve Seen I AM The king is dead, long live the King I see the throne, the pure throne, real before me And the door stands open, and the train of his robe I’ve never seen one like it, fills my view, filling my view of you Oh My God Above me seraphs wait present, six wings and eyes, covered in praise, they gaze upon you, they scream Holy Holy! At the sound of their voice, the earth will shake, the foundations tremble, and I fall prostrate before true majesty Majesty Woe is Me Woe is Me I am ruined, I am ruined Oh my God you’ve ruined everything for me Cause I’ve seen My eyes have gazed upon the king, I’ve seen the almighty one And I’m ruined again, and I cry out Woe is Me Then one flew to me with a live coal in his hand, and it scorched to the touch, it burns and purifies I cry out! I’m just a man of unclean lips, if you heard my speech you’d be ashamed of me I am a man who is unclean, and my people are not clean Then he cried out to me saying this has touched you now, your guilt your shame atoned for, don’t be ashamed of me So I wait on you now, I hear a voice too holy to recognize, and to holy to disregard I hear him cry out, who shall I send? Whom shall I send? Who will go for me in this generation, whom shall I send out? And there’s a pain in my heart cause there’s no one, its like there’s no one who’s seen But I am ready because I’ve seen, I’m ready, I’ve seen Here Am I Lord, Please Send Me. [[Category:SLEEPING GIANT]] [[Category:Christian_Metal]]

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