We will not serve your god Jehovah is our King Chorus: We will not serve your god (We will not serve your god) We won’t bow down before your image We will not serve your god (We will not bow) Jehovah is our King! Nebuchadnezzer had built him an idol of gold- It was 90 feet high (and it was 9 feet wide) He gave the order that everyone fall down and worship- Or else they would die (Shadrach, Meshach) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego (would not bow down) Would not bow down they just firmly said no! Repeat Chorus Furnace a blazin’ the king was a ragin’ with men who he wanted to die (he had them bound) Making them fodder he turned it up hotter to kill them- He cranked it up high (Thrown in the fire) Thrown in the fire to have them torched No one hurt they were not even scorched (were not even scorched) Repeat Chorus So many idols and evil directions are give to us in our day (yes, every day) (so many idols are given) We make decisions that alter our pathways forever – defining our way (we make decisions forever) (Satan is crafty) Satan is crafty in selling sin (we won’t give in) We won’t be taken, no we won’t give in (won’t give in) Repeat Chorus Bridge: God is able to deliver us No matter how hot the fire is raging But even if He does not deliver us We won’t bow down in a million – million years Repeat Chorus (without stepouts) Repeat Chorus Jehovah is our King Jehovah is our King (our King) [[Category:Acapella_Vocal_Band]]

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