Come back again. I need this more than you could know. Stress importance to tell the truth. Don’t let em down. And make sure that she’s a winner. Your expectations only let you down. Seems like everyone is at the top and I am pulling at the bottom. Grabbing at the air with both hands and heart, now with both hands apart. Hands can do no more. I give up when nothing ever goes right. Dry and defeated. Still I can’t find any reason to carry this pen. Carry this weight till I collapse under boulders of confinement. Your expectations only let me down. Put me down cuz I’m sick of writing. Get me out before I break. Sqeeze me like I’m citrus and my thoughts are running fown your chin. Drink up. To the vacancy of my head. Feels as if it’s gonna fall to pieces. Fall… [[Category:Dogwood]]

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