Rocks thud against battered bodies. One must die to see life. Take me. Strike me down. Let me bleed. Let them see. Rejoicing in what’s happened to me. Let my screams attract you all. My call is your great fall. One must sacrifice his life to save his tribe. Better one than all. Captured by a lie and put to death by his own brother. Take me in. Strike me down. I will pay for your life. With my blood and my pain, you will be saved from death. By my price I paid for your sins on the cross. I will purify you and give you life. My sin, my shame, takes its toll on my heart. Oh how I long to be pure. Purify me Lord. Take my pain away. Purify me. Daddy where are you? Take my pain away. Cover me in your precious blood. I came to this world. I bled. I will save your soul. I bled. I will give you new life. I bled. I will give you peace now. I bled. [[Category:MORTAL TREASON]] [[Category:Christian_Metal]]

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