== VERSE 1 ==

Shoulder to the wheel For someone else’s selfish gain Here there is no choosing Working the clay Wearing their anger like a ball and chain. Fire in the field Underneath a blazing sun But soon the sun was faded And freedom was a song I heard them singing when the day was done Singing to the holy One.
== CHORUS ==

Lead me on Lead me on To a place where the river runs Into your keeping,
oh. Lead me on Lead me on The awaited deliverance Comforts the seeking…lead on.
== VERSE 2 ==

Waiting for the train Labelled with a golden star Heavy hearted boarding Whispers in the dark "Where are we going–is it very far?" Bitter cold terrain Echoes of a slamming door In chambers made for sleeping,
forever Voices like thunder in a mighty roar Cry to the Lord..
== BRIDGE ==

Man hurts man Time and time,
time again And we drown in the wake of our power Somebody tell me why.


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